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Sale Or Return

Sale or return

The opportunity for a quick, safe and hassle free way of selling your car, whilst still obtaining the best possible price for your vehicle.

The easiest way of describing sale or return, is that we will PrepareAdvertiseMarket and Sell your car on your behalf.

Why Sale or Return your car?

Fraud can be a massive issue when selling you vehicle as criminals are always one step ahead, we have come across numerous tactics, for example: false bank accounts, fraudulent bankers drafts, false I.D and fake cash.

As we are open 7 days a week we are always available and flexible for viewings, saving the hassle and risk of somebody coming to your own home as and when you can both agree on a suitable time to view the car.

No Hassle
We will prepare, advertise, market and sell your car on your behalf, leaving you with nothing to do yourself.

The Process
Sale or Return is a very simple procedure to go ahead with, please feel free to give us a call or email. We would never agree on any prices, or sell the vehicle without contacting you first.

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